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How To Treat Yourself When You’ve Been Working Really Hard

As a career girl, your days could be filled with meetings, assignments and other time-consuming tasks. Sometimes you only have a minute for yourself to relax and prepare for your next project. On those days, you better make this one minute more than worth it.
My workload increases everyday, so does my awareness. I know that when I get busier, things can fall through the cracks and I don't want that to happen so I start taking extra steps to make sure it doesn't. The biggest way I do that is by leaving myself reminders in various places to stay focused.

Get away from your desk

When you work in an office it is important to leave you desk every once in a while. Get up and walk to the coffee corner or even better go outside and get some fresh air.


A great way to relax in between tasks is to take a deep breath. Fill your lungs with oxygen and let go of your previous task. When you let go you can easily focus on a new…
5 Hair Masks We Know You'll Love Your hair needs some love. True or false? If you answered true, we've got you covered this week with my top 5 Favourite DIY Hair Masks - all of which include four or less natural ingredients that can, without a doubt, be found in your kitchen. Let's get started! The Ingredients (And Their Benefits)

Honey? Coconut Milk? Eggs? Who knew that all these #breakie foods could actually be used in a hair treatment? These raw and natural ingredients have proven to be great resources for achieving shinier, silkier, healthier, hydrated hair (and more!).
The best thing about these ingredients is that you don't have to look too far for them - they're probably already sitting in your kitchen cabinet or fridge.
Let's take a look at some of these natural products and their hair benefits.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil has always been used as a natural conditioner - it also produces soft and shiny hair by locking in the moisture and…
 Have you tried the best lip moisturizer ?
So winter's coming...and what i always keep with me is the EOS LIP BALM. They are an essantial part of my daily routine...   These natural lip balms are hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and paraben and petrolatum free for soft, smooth, beautiful  lips. Thanks to the creamy and rich formulation, it penetrated into skin quickly and ensures long lasting moisture.
Cocoa and shea butter nourish, smooth and nourish even the driest lips. With natural jojoba oil and regenerating avocado extract the EOS Visibly Soft lip balms gives you a velvery soft and pleasant feeling on your lips.  Ever since I discovered EOS Lip Balm - I have been in love with them. They are small, easy to store, a great design and very, very, very easy to apply onto your lips.

Now I have owned a few over the last couple of years and a couple of months ago they released three new flavours and I managed to get my hands on two of them via Amazon..

I ordered two flavours &…
Hello everybody...yesterday i promised i would write a review of "Pastaria" a restaurant in the heart of the city and here i am... As you enter the place, you can decide either to have lunch/dinner outside or  in the second floor. I decided to sit upstairs, since i wanted to have a calming and relaxing time, just to stay away from noises.  The menu offers a wide variety of chooises of pastas and salads... and the nice thing about it is that you can pick the kind of pasta you like and you also add your favourite salsa which is like a customized dinner/lunch.
The best part about this cute place is that they deliver the food. If you work long hours in the office like me or you are not so into cooking,  you can just call, order the pasta and they bring it to you, which i think is really great. You can find them here ->  Rr. "Sami Frashëri", Pallati Moskat pranë LSI, Bllok
 Tiranë  Delivery : +355 69 379 4343 
  All the products were fresh and the dishes had the w…
My favourite green smoothie! Now its the time to share some smoothie energy :P I thought this is a fresh way to start the month on the blog. I’ve been making a green smoothie once a day for a month or two, so I’ve tried many versions already, but definitely found the ultimate number one for my taste buds. I’m so addicted: it’s so fresh, delicious and energizing. I’ll either have one with my breakfast, as a part of lunch or just a snack. So any time of the day, when I feel like having something refreshing! 
Energizing mango spinach green smoothie
– oat/coconut/soy/almond milk (and/or natural/oat/soy yoghurt)
– spinach
– frozen mango
– banana and/or avocado
– lemon juice
– optional extras: salt, honey, green powder  – optional extras 2: zucchini, carrot, apple, cucumber, whatever fresh you feel like throwing in! – Toppings: nuts, seeds, oats, flax seeds, goji berries, coconut flakes Put the liquid in the blender, handful or two of spinach, some frozen mango, a little bit of banana and …